1c 8.3 ERP və İdarəetmə modulları

System Features

The Financial Management and Accounting Automation System provides solutions for significant issues, such as cash management, calculation and payment of salaries of employees of the entity, accounting of fixed assets and intangible assets, property and equipment, statistical and other reports.

The system also automates the process of input, transfer and inventory of fixed assets and expenses, input of write off, depreciation and balance of those assets.

Advantages of the System

  • Formation of accounting policy
  • Simultaneous support of multiple account plans
  • Accounting of fixed assets and intangible assets
  • Personnel records and payroll
  • Memorial slips and ledgers maintenance
  • Functional and economic classification of expenses
  • Accounting for individual record cards and cash transactions
  • Record keeping divided by structural units
  • Various functional and scheduled reports (reconciliation reports, form 2, balance sheet, etc.)
  • Automation of individual enterprise processes, centralized management of all enterprises
  • Development of electronic database of all official documents and capability of safe storage of these documents in the electronic archive module
  • Input of adjustments to the organizational structure
  • Development of reports of different sizes and ensuring their integration with MS OFFICE
  • Setting of employee categories, qualification levels, production schedule, qualification level based salary increments, benefits types paid by SSPF, income tax schedule, tax rates, amount of increase based on work experience, vacation days, sickness rates, compensation types, payment orders.
  • Budgeting, formation, allocation of the organization`s expenditure estimates for the next year, confirmation of budget control mechanisms, planning scheduled payments, investment projects, systematization of budget forecasting reports.