SoftSale - Sale and Warehousing Software

The software was designed to automate the inventory and cash accounting in the warehouses of the enterprises, facilities and organizations, wholesale and retail trade networks, operational debt control, to obtain extensive reports on financial-economic performance.

Regardless of the data input language, the software is designed for work in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages, and to develop reports in 4 languages simultaneously.

All reports can be exported to MS Excel.

The software enables any quantity of stock accounting at the facilities (warehouse, shop, workshop, etc.), to perform operations on their physical flow from one entity to another, as well as to perform the production process. There is a possibility to return goods purchased or sold.

It is possible to get the reports on the quantity of goods, and quantity of goods and packages.

Income and expenditure of the goods can be carried out in any currency. The chronology of the exchange rate for each currency is processed routinely.

The software enables to log in any number of cash and bank accounts. Each cash and bank account can be accounted for in different currencies.

The outcome of commodity and cash operations is reflected in the customer`s debt book. Though currencies of conducted transactions are different, the software adjusts the debt of each customer based on the relevant exchange rate approved for such customer. The software enables control of overdue debts for consignors and buyers.

There is an opportunity to realize the sale and purchase of good based on the orders. An extensive network system based software allows arrangement of orders by vendors and confirmation of release of goods by financially responsible persons in accordance with assignment of duties.

The Software Has:

  • Extensions for preparation of purchase and sale orders, and for performance of orders by warehouse men.
  • Receipts, expenditure, relocation of goods
  • Transactions on return of goods by a buyer
  • Transactions on return of goods to a consignor
  • Various schedules on the movement, stock on hand and sales of goods
  • Warehouse stock accounting for any quantities
  • Analytical reports per name, code, colour, size, manufacturer, and other stock specifications
  • General and analytical reports on the debts of buyers and consignors
  • Analytical reports on the total cost and nomenclature of goods put aside by buyers
  • Disclosure of receivables for each customer (at invoice and goods level)
  • Control of overdue receivables from buyers at invoice and goods level
  • Reports on any amounts of cash flows and balances per cash and bank account
  • Disclosures on each cash or bank account
  • Extensive reports on the business expenses
  • Reports on sales revenues or losses incurred per goods
  • Reports on sales volumes and profitability levels per buyer
  • Reports on current turnover and profitability level per vendor of the entity
  • Profit and final balance of the enterprise

When the software is installed on the network, a required interface is created for each user. The software runs in the same interface via the username and special password. For example, a cashier can carry out transactions on the interface intended for a cashier and at the checkout counter that is at his disposal only. Other extensions, i.e. warehouse, financial status, etc. are invisible for the cashier as those sections do not apply to him. Or other extensions are invisible to him the warehouse man because he carries out only goods handling transactions.