Automation and Scada Systems Set Up

Automation of production processes at various manufacturing facilities, management of existing systems through intellectual solutions ensures efficiency in business processes. The professional team of Soft-Group Azerbaijan Soft-Group Azerbaijan performs the joint integration of various production equipment and software. The company will automate various types of production processes in your business through the development of various cross-platform integration solutions and customer-specific software development. You will be able to choose the automation and SCADA systems that are best suit to your business and enterprise through the procedures initiated by our experts and consulting services. Soft-Group Azerbaijan offers the set up of automation and SCADA systems for the following areas.

  • Automation of various production processes
  • Set up of SCADA systems for power and alternative power stations.
  • Set up of SCADA systems for water supply systems
  • Set up of SCADA systems for Oil and Gas sectors
  • Set up of automation systems for Construction and Warehouse processes.
  • Development of smart home projects

Apart from this, Soft-Group Azerbaijan carries out the installation of server rooms in accordance with TİER1, TİER2, TİER3 standards of control rooms.