SoftDoc – Electronic document circulation

System Features

The document circulation system is software that enables automation of the process of controlling the implementation of significant tools such as development, coordination, approval of documents and document related tasks when using the system.

The system enables the entity to file incoming documents and correspondence from different communication channels.

Advantages of system

  • Maximum compliance with the legislation of Azerbaijan Republic on document control and existing feature of document circulation in the government agencies
  • The advantage of accessing, filing or reviewing a document anywhere in the world
  • Possibility to perform all document-related tasks when traveling, having a meeting, and out of work by using the system on mobile devices
  • Web-based, all users work on the server, so loss occurrence of any document equals to zero
  • Search feature (attributive and full-text) and saving the search configurations
  • Addressees, signatory correspondents and other dynamic reference books
  • Ability to use the system on mobile Android and Apple iOS, tablet devices.
  • When approving, or signing a document in the software, a signature or instructions displayed in the electronic document exactly as on the hard copy (the handwritten signature - the signatures are visualized in the system)
  • The software automatically identifies the noun cases in the Azerbaijani grammar (whom, from whom, whose etc.)
  • Ability to scan texts available on paper using a special "CPen" pen scanner
  • Indication and placement of stamps in color on the document card, etc.
  • Ability to store electronic database of all official documents and these documents in the electronic archive module
  • Automation of all specific business processes, increasing efficiency for full management, speeding by several times, and reducing the impact of human factor, detecting and eliminating deficiencies in the Ministry`s operations.
  • Providing a more effective form of services for citizens and ensuring citizens satisfaction, etc.
  • Development of electronic archive for all documents and friendly search and retrieval anytime in the future.