SoftHRM- Human Resources Management

System Features

Provides solution for significant issues such as human resources management and automation of management system, payrolls for employees of the entity, development of reports on recruitment, vacation, business trips and other reports.

The system simultaneously automates the process of managing enterprise wide changes.

Advantages of the System

  • Maintenance of personnel records and payrolls
  • Maintenance of records of currently employed personnel, dismissed employees and employees on maternity leave.
  • Performance of employees related accompanying works (recruitment, training and development, evaluation, motivation, etc.)
  • Centralized management of personnel policy of all entities
  • Development of an electronic database of all official documents and option of secure storage of these documents in the electronic archive extension.
  • Adding the organizational structure adjustments
  • Development of reports of various sizes and ensuring their integration with MS OFFICE
  • Setting of employee categories, qualification levels, production schedule, qualification level based salary increments, vacation days, sickness rates, compensation types, and payment orders.