Consulting and Analytical Services

Regardless of a large number of different type software available in the software market, selection process of the software requires for the entity often presents great difficulties. Selection of software suitable for business customized for each business process is the most important phase of the project. At this stage, Soft-Group Azerbaijan will assist you in selecting the right solution for you and protecting your enterprise business process in the selected solution. Our specialists offer consulting services for your business while applying different solution types.

In addition, research and evaluation of existing business infrastructure, analytics of new applied projects, and analysis of previously provided data are offered by Soft-Group Azerbaijan.

  • Installation, re-installation, reconstruction and relocation of cable networks.
  • FFO cable laying (indoors and outdoors)
  • FO cable welding.
  • Installation of telecommunication cables of various sizes
  • Installation of cables and security systems
  • Set up of Server rooms.