SoftMed – Health Management

System Features

Medical Service Management System is designed for all healthcare facilities, and provides automation of medical care to all patients.

This system that was designed for automation and management of medical processes performs input and use of information on medical cards, outpatient and inpatient treatment, routine medical check-ups, and check-ups of patients.

Medical card

This system basically provides development and use of patient’s electronic medical card. It is possible to get comprehensive information about the patient’s health status via the medical card developed. Information on the medical examination and the treatment process for each registered patient is entered in the medical card and this information is periodically updated in the system.

Patient Treatment Process

This system enables getting from the patient’s medical card comprehensive information on ongoing inpatient or outpatient treatment provided to the patient. System also enables entering information on the patient’s medical check-up, analyses, diagnosis and treatment process, as well as, information about surgical operations, and saving as an electronic document. This system enables obtaining at any time an electronic list of all patients per medical institution.

Reports and System Users

The system enables obtaining different report types and any information on the patients. The system allows to get current reports and per date, patient and treatment process. In addition to enabling creation of any number of system users in the system, considering the user diversity, a special multifunctional user panel is also provided in the system.

Search Feature

Simple, fast, and detailed search features are designed in the system to ease ad hoc information retrieval. The advanced search feature enables the system to find the required information based on a number of parameters.

Advantages of the System

  • Obtaining all required reports on general medical services quickly
  • User friendly interface
  • High performance system built on Oracle and Java technologies
  • Ensuring of data security
  • Joint use of electronic medical cards in medical institutions
  • Input of data of any size and type
  • Providing system access to any number of users
  • Operational search system
  • Receiving data at any place and time, as it is overwritten on the “Web application”
  • Getting all patient related information electronically